The Secret World: Music of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush

Show date: 2019-03-31

Location: The Palladium at St Pete College

It’s in the trees!
It’s coming!

Put on your red shoes and come to The Palladium on Sunday March 31 as St. Pete’s own 20-piece megasuperband The Florida Björkestra returns with The Secret World: The Music of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.

Ronnie “Shocked Monkey” Dee and Whitney “It’s Me, Cathy” Jamesreturn to two of our 2016 shows to sing as Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.
For our first set, we chose one song from every Peter Gabriel album dating all the way back to Genesis’ “Selling England By The Pound” which we’ll play in chronological order. Then Whitney James takes center stage for a set of Kate Bush songs from albums like The Sensual World, Lionheart, Never For Ever and The Dreaming.

We’ve got duets galore featuring TFB mainstays Jamie Perlow, Colleen Cherry and Kasondra Rose.

We’ve got strings, horns, and a rock band core shaking the tree in the best theater in St. Petersburg.

Aside from Buffyfest, this is the first time we’ve pulled shows out of the vault, so if you missed our sold-out Kate Bush set in July 2016, or our (also sold-out) Peter Gabriel set in Dec 2016, grab your things we’ve come to take you home again.

Take your boom boxes with you, hold them high over your head. Dress up in your finest Wuthering Heights attire. Wear the red shoes. Bring a stuffed monkey. WE SEE YOU out there and we love it.