Kasondra Rose


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Kasondra Rose's voice is warm like wine in your belly, with notes of dark sweetness and a smooth finish. Originally from Michigan, she ventured to New York to pursue dancing, taking voice lessons on the side from one of New York City's most prestigious vocal coaches. Those lessons ignited her passion for singing, and she found an outlet for her love of song in the Tampa Bay area's thriving music scene.

Kasondra has released three albums of original music and has been on several out-of-state tours, singing with her acoustic guitar all the way up to the wee top of Michigan and back down. She's been featured in musicals, toured Europe as a dancer, tap danced in an off-off-Broadway production in NYC, and in addition to catching her at solo gigs around the Tampa Bay area, you can also watch her swing from the ceiling on aerial silks and trapeze in downtown Dunedin. In her free time, Kasondra likes to sit at her desk and feel anxious.