Joe Coyle



The Man Without A Face.

Joseph Patrick Coyle is a multi-instrumentalist based out of Tampa, FL. Primarily a keyboard player, he is currently involved in a number of projects, many of which are collaborations with other members of the Björkestra, including fusion sextet "Anyan Devery," and the always-fluctuating and often experimental "KELP," led by cellist Tom Kersey. Given the spectrum of sonic influences that inform Joe's playing - the likes of minimalism, avant-garde, jazz fusion, world, indie rock, ska, movie soundtracks, ticking clocks, air conditioner units - as well as a bunch of other stuff - a series of spiraling existential thoughts, a series of shallowing unremarkable thoughts, a fascination with why math is, plastic coat hangars - Joe, if forced to categorize his music, would qualify it as "whatever it is" and then politely redirect the conversation to something more sensible.


He also likes comic books!